Monday, November 30, 2009

The Meaning of Life


I feel that I have neglected the pact I made with myself to post pointless things every now and then. It has been longer than now and then, but I have returned. Not much has changed in the past couple of months. Andy says "Hi".

But I have written a story. It's very short and bland. It had a purpose at one point, but that got lost somewhere in a tangle of twisty straws. So I am going to regurgitate it and bring new life to it by posting in on this blog here which I'm pretty sure no one is going to read.

I wrote it because someone said something about explaining the meaning of life in less than three hundred words. I think I did a pretty terrible job at it, but it is less than three hundred words, so this is a success story.
I don't have a title for it because I don't like titles. If it did have a title it would be something like "The Meaning of Life from the Perspective of a Mosquito". But that's just a summary of my entire story, and wouldn't make for a catchy title.

Well that's what it's about. I'm pretty sure it's the greatest literary work since Shakespeare.
Maybe not.
Here it is.

Really? That’s what you think it is? Social justification? Well, if that’s all I have to live for, I don’t see the purpose.

See? That’s just it! It’s all about finding a purpose. Heck, maybe you don’t see one, but that’s what everyone else is looking for anyway; a reason to rationalize their existence.

I think my rationalization for existence is that it’s a lot better than being dead.

What, existing?


Well that’s only your perspective. You never got any contribution of thought from the other side.

You mean from the dead?

Yes. You never know. Maybe they’re having a hell of a time.

Let’s not go there Ed, you know how I feel about the afterlife.

You’re just bitter with denial that it’s coming sooner than you can prepare for it.

I hate it when you talk like that.

I’m sorry about your insecurities Harold, but you’re going to have to face the truth sooner or later. I mean, how long do you think you have? A few more days at most.

I just don’t like thinking about it.

Well you’ve gotten so hyped up about life, and it has only been a couple of weeks since it started. I can see why you’re not ready to accept death.

It really isn’t fair at all. There’s not a whole lot of time to get used to things.

I guess it’s all about accepting the inevitable.

I thought you said it was about social justification? Justification of existence?

Well yeah, that too. Once you’ve got all of that figured out though, then it’s all about acceptance.

So you have to justify your purpose in life, and immediately after that, accept death?

There’s not much time for dilly dallying.

The end.

This story had much more of an aesthetic quality when it was scribbled on the back of a paper children's menu from Denny's along with the drawing of two mosquitoes I did in red crayon.

I think I should write philosophy. Either that or design menus.

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