Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Catch a Predator

I just got back from the bookstore where I enjoyed my regular bout of people-watching (and some reading as well).

Bookstores are glorious places, they really are. Being a reading nut, it is one of my frequent dwelling grounds. I, however, am easily distracted by the massive amount of obscurity that is circulating around me and may easily go unnoticed.
Just as a settled into a chair by the in-store coffee shop, an elderly woman with a bagel and cream cheese found a seat close by. After a couple minutes of flipping through a book, she set it open down on the table and began smothering her bagel with cream cheese. During this process, she dropped a quite nicely sized glob of cream cheese onto the open book. She froze, then quickly wiped it away, and looked up to see if anyone saw this act of deviancy. She thought she was in the clear, but I saw. She didn't know it, but I saw. Innocent old lady? I think not!
Of course she didn't want to pay for the $30 dollar book on behavioral traits of land bats, so she just pretended the whole incident didn't happen. I don't really know what the book was about, but it looked like something fancy and expensive.

Yes, it may be mundane and insignificant, and it is. But think, the next time you see a perfectly innocent, sweet old lady, you'll know the truth. She might have once dropped cream cheese into a book she didn't pay for, or something equally as horrendous.


  1. Oh dear. I shall never be able to look at sweet old ladies quite the same way again : )

    On a totally different tangent, I too love to spend afternoons (or mornings, or nights--well, not overnight, obviously!) reading and people-watching at the bookstore.

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  2. I love blurbs like this. You are very witty - good stuff!! I'll keep reading!